2024 New Year Message

Wish you a Happy New Year.

As we are celebrating the new year, 2024 let us reflect on the journey behind us with gratitude, that all the abundant blessing we received and look ahead with hope. May God's light guide us through the unknown in our path, His love wraps around us and keeps us warm, and His wisdom grant us discernment in our choices.

In this New Year, may faith be our anchor, reminding us of the eternal promises that sustain us. In times of challenge, let prayer be our solace, and in moments of joy, let His gratitude be in our heart.

As we embark on this new year, may God's grace be a steadily present in our life and turning each day of our lives with purpose and meaningful.

Wish everyone a Very Happy New Year, filled with the blessings, faith, love, and peace of our Lord.

Very Rev. Joseph C Joseph Corepiscopa.