Our preferred payment option is now via Zelle The payment history will be available via your bank's Zelle Activity reports in addition to the confirmation you will receive directly from our church's Treasurer George Benoy or Joint Treasurer Jacob Varghese

You can also continue to make payments via check or cash.

Pre-requisites for Zelle:

How to send via Zelle:

You will need to add our church as a Zelle recipient via our email below

Before sending any payment, please look for the text that your bank will confirm as registered to our bank.
Examples below show how some banks may truncate the name of our organization as it is quite long.
It would anyways start with ST. MARY's MALANKARA

Do remember to use the MEMO field to let us know how your payment should be recorded.

It is also recommend to send a smaller test payment like $1 and waiting for confirmation from us to acknowledge its receipt before sending larger amounts.


Bank of America


Most banks allow only one time payments. However some banks also allow you to schedule recurring payments like $80 to be sent on the 1st of every month to which would be convinent to spread your monthly dues in smaller increments throughout the year.

If you have any questions please reach out to anyone in our church committee for guidance.